About Us

Who We Are

The name says it all!! 

We will offer a series of Classic style events from British Columbia to Baja California.  

The West Coast Classic Paintball Series will also provide help to, any field wanting to promote classic style paintball. 

Our goal is to promote and to run a competitive style of tournament play, at a fraction of the cost of just competitive airball. To make it so a beginner, maybe a Magfed player, a pump team, or woods/air enthusiast can go out and have a good time, straight out of the starting box!  

A series that promotes continued growth, and gives back to the winning teams.

A chance to play with Legends of the sport or just meeting new people, bringing the different factions together, and rewarding the excellent.

To grow the sport of paintball by introducing new people to the sport. 

To provide a one stop shop, for knowledge from some of Legends of the sport, old and new, and to make planning your season easier. 

We hope everyone enjoys what we bring in the near and distant future.   


WCCPB and The Bay Cities Classic

Event and classes

The Surf Cities Classic is the 2nd Classic event on the west coast and our 2019 opener. Our plans are to continue this in the future with a series for 5 player and 10 player mechanical style or capped r.o.f (rate of fire) for electronic markers. Currently the only class is Open. This will more than likely change do to the fierce competition already being displayed in other classic events. The WCCPB series will never want a team to feel like they shouldn't compete do to being outclassed.

NERF - JT Splatmaster and Low Impact Paintball

To grow the sport and bring new enthusiasm to the sport, we will offer a  3 player JT Splatmaster event for ages ages 8-12. 

No one needs a team to play, but 3 player teams can enter. If someone doesn't have a team, the event will build teams with the players that register. All safety equipment and markers needed for Nerf and JT Splatmaster and Low Impact will be included. (.50 caliber paintballs are extra.) Players may bring their own spring loaded markers if they want. NO semi automatic .50cal markers will be used in the competition.

We will however have a paintball target range and vendor booth set up, and available to try the semi automatic .50 cal markers. Win prizes! 

(.50 caliber paintballs are extra.) 

Low Impact is a level above a Splatmaster and a level below the more competitive equipment of .68 caliber markers and paint.

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